IPL Treatments


No more plucking, shaving, ingrown hairs or depilatory creams. Get hair free and ready for summer with IPL permanent hair reduction, and it’s now at Body Stop. Using the revolutionary square pulsed light, unwanted hair can be permanently and progressively removed, it’s quick and almost painless. IPL hair reduction be used on all parts of the body, but not directly around the eyes. Body Stop also offers treament on smaller areas of the body like the stomach (snail trail), toes, fingers or the back of the thighs.

IPL hair reduction does work better on coarse, dark hair but it is certainly worth a try on lighter hair, it will certainly reduce the coarseness but will not destroy the hair follicle altogether.


This light therapy system does a lot more than remove / fade pigmentation. It works very well on Rosacea and small veins (broken capillaries). Most of us have been sun lovers and are now suffering with sunspots / pigmentation, the IPL rejuvenation will help to fade / remove these unwanted sunspots. It also rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin.

• Fine lines
• Vascular conditions
• Sun spots
• Rosacea
• Diffused redness


Up until now, people undergoing these treatments needed to go to cosmetic surgeons and physicians. Most of the time these doctors do not do the treatments themselves, but have a beauty therapist working for them. At Body Stop, staff have been highly trained by doctors and engineers who have helped design these machines, so we can guarantee safe procedures without the hefty bill at the end.

Q. Will it hurt?
A. No, IPL treatments do not hurt any more than waxing, although sometimes there is a burning sensation (like mild sunburn) for a few hours after the treatment.

Q. How many treatments do I need?
A. That depends on the individual, usually between 4-9 treatments.